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"It's nice to have a place that does what it says it will do for the prices quoted. They have done excellent work on both of my cars with no complaints. A+"

— T.G.

" have my car repaired and serviced on a regular basis at Steller's. I have used this garage for over 10 years. The staff is detail oriented and always explains what they are going to do to my vehicle. They are fair and reasonable. You don't find many businesses like this one. Any issue with my car, I let Steller's know and they make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible for me. I reccomend Steller's whole heartedly for any car care need."

— M.L.

"These guys are awesome, plain and simple. My husband Nick takes all of our cars here now and raves about how great the shop is, and I agree. They have done such an outstanding job with all of our cars and we have had multiple issues, some big, some small. Stellers is always fairly priced, always great with communication, and everyone is very friendly. Thanks guys!"

— H.S.

"First experience at Steller's, and will definitely continue to do business with them. I had a coupon for an oil change, and since my car requires synthetic oil, I was happy for the break. They were prompt, pleasant, and made me feel very comfortable. I like supporting local businesses, and I will recommend Steller's to everyone in the area. Thank you!"

— S.D.

"I recently had two Services done on my Audi the prices were extremely Fair the work was done right on time professional friendly guys working there I highly recommend the place I'll be back I have two cars that I'm servicing there now"

— R.C.

"These guys are awesome to deal with! They are always friendly, informative, and fair. I can always get a convenient appointment and they go above and beyond to perform some difficult repairs."

— R.H.

"An emergency call to Stellers for a flat tire (tore the side wall with a 4" gash ), in a pouring rain. Tow truck was there ASAP, spare put on and new tire ordered to match my other 3. Returned and new one installed. Can't express how friendly, helpful and professional they all were. Finding a great garage is more difficult than a doctor, and I found my garage, and will share with everyone."

— C.F.

"I am always getting great service there. They have fair prices, explain what they do and what repairs your car really needs. We're taking all our family's cars there. Never been disappointed."

— A.H.

"I have been going to Stellers for 17 years. They are honest, reliable, and capable of identifying problems and repairing anything they find wrong. Their pricing is reasonable and fair. Their work is superb! At Stellers everyone is treated like family... Thank you Stellers!"

— J.M.

"Wow I am thoroughly amazed! My car was picked up immediately several miles away from the shop. These professional mechanics are excellent and made numerous upgrades to my vehicle in a rapid manner. Stellers Garage is the place to go for superb customer service and very impressive automotive modifications and maintenance."

— B.M.

"I received excellent customer service prior to even coming into the shop. All my concerns were met and it was explained in detail to me the issues with my car."

— J.D.

"Great service, great price and very honest. Took care of my whole car, oil change too. My car is running great."

— D.W.

"Experience and honesty is big in my book and Stellars has both! Been coming here for years and this team is the best! Had a vacuum leak and they found it and fixed it first try."

— P.G.

"These guys are not only great mechanics but excellent business minded individuals. I own a automotive detailing company and they have referred many of their clients to us. Great networking!! Much appreciated. Thanks for the Michaud group. Keep up the great work and involvement with surrounding businesses!"

— M.W.

"This was a pain free experience and the guy (didn't catch his name) did everything he could to make the process easy. Even dropped me off to work!"

— R.N.

"My experience with Stellers Garage was very good. When I dropped off my car, they drove me to my office and they picked me up later in the day when the car was done. Not every repair shop does this. It was very convenient. I asked them to look at a rear wheel noise and replace a front head lamp. They repaired the rear wheel bearing and the head lamp. Everything worked well. But... they also went the extra mile by cleaning the headlight lenses (not asked for but a nice extra touch!). I didn't mention that my direction signals were intermittently malfunctioning. They were working fine after my visit, and as far as I can tell it was not on the bill. Very glad to have that taken care of, and glad for that gesture. They mentioned that my rear brakes were at the point of needing replacement, and, given that they were already working on one of the wheel bearings, I could save money by having the brakes replaced at the same time. They worked great! It was very convenient to have those done at that time. It's an additional repair visit that I didn't have to make."

— P.H.

"Steller's is a gem. Like finding treasure. Treated me and my daughter fairly and advised us honestly as to our options. We were able to make an informed decision based on Fred and the owner's great advice. Strike up a relationship with this garage and stick with them, these are great people. IF you ever have a problem, then talk to the owner, get it resolved and maintain the relationship, they are keepers."

— P.G.

"After aggravating car problems and even more aggravating service at garages, I was thrilled to finally find Steller's."

"I just started working in Shelton at the Corporate Park and having a 9-5 job can make it difficult when you're trying to repair your car and get to work. Steller's makes it easy by swinging by the office for your vehicle so you don't have to worry about those inconveniences."

"With a nearby location on Bridgeport Ave., they took my car over the weekend, ordered the part that was needed, gave me honest advice with an honest price and had it back to me by Monday morning. Great people and amazing service. If my car gives me any more trouble, I'm definitely bringing it back here."

— M.D.

"These guys are professionals! If they say it needs to be fixed it does! If they say it can wait, it can! I have been going to Stellars now for 10 years and they are simply the best garage I have ever been to ( and I have been to quite a few) If they mess up, they let you know and then make it right!"

— M.M.